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``Green Your Company, Save the White``

Benefits of Recycling

  • Marketing Collateral as a Green Business: Every tonne of EPS recycled saves as much as 637 gallons of oil, enough energy to power a home for a year, and landfill space equal to 2 transport trucks full.

  • Reduced Waste Disposal Costs: Second Wind’s densification and removal fee is comparable to most other recyclable material costs. Waste bin size and/or tipping schedule can be reduced to largely offset the recycling investment.


How it works

  • Scrap EPS (Styrofoam) is saved in gaylords, totes, or bags.

  • Second Wind Recycling processes and removes EPS on an as required schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). Minimum 4 yards (2 pallet boxes) required per visit.

  • Second Wind invoices by volume removed and provides waste diversion reports.

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